Who We Are

Missourians for Tax Reform

Missourians for Tax Reform is a coalition of concerned citizens who believe we need meaningful reforms to Missouri’s tax system in order for our state and it’s citizens to be successful. With a more efficient, fair and simple tax system, we can build a stronger foundation for Missouri’s future.

What is Let Voters Decide?

Let Voters Decide is a non-partisan, statewide coalition of Missourians. We want jobs for all people who are willing and able to work. We believe that working families in Missouri should not be taxed more than once for the things that they need and use, like their paycheck.

When Missourians keep more money in the paychecks, they can provide better for their families. We believe that tax reform is the most important issue for our state’s economy.

Let Voters Decide believes that voters in Missouri deserve to have their voices heard. We want Missouri to be successful now – and decades from now. That’s why we support tax reform. It’s also why we support Missourians’ right to express themselves at the ballot box. Our coalition works for businesses and families, not special interests and politicians. For working families struggling to get by, your vote means a chance to preserve what you may receive from the state. Your vote helps provide a stronger foundation for Missouri’s future, and it also protects your largest purchases – including rent, education, childcare and healthcare – from being unfairly taxed.

What is the Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act?

The Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act is based on the idea that working people should not be taxed twice on their income. This act would replace the individual income tax with a consumer-driven sales tax. That means Missourians would pay taxes on the things they choose to buy – not on the fruits of their labor. Under the act, the state sales tax would increase by less than three percent. Yet, Missouri would become a much better place to live and to work. We would keep businesses here and attract new ones.

Our state is full of great ideas and hard workers. We should be very successful, but we rank near the very bottom in economic growth. Getting rid of the state income tax will let us take a big step toward a strong, healthy economy. Our neighbors in Tennessee do not have a state income tax, and they are doing better than Missouri in nearly every way.

The Missouri Taxpayer Relief Act is a common-sense approach to attracting businesses to our state. The act also protects working families, because it does not place a sales tax on the things we need, such as healthcare and childcare. The Missouri Taxpayer Relief act is a real way to provide a bright future for all Missourians.